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    I've built many motorized bikes over the past 4+ years. I finally got one that is almost perfect and a keeper. I've taken it for several long rides today (without a tool box) and I have been very impressed by its performance which is getting better wtih each ride.

    Here's what I'm riding:

    Schwinn Searcher with 7 speed Mega gear (new Searchers don't have the 34 tooth megagear)

    SBP Shifter kit: It works flawlessly on this bike. I desperately need a custom fabricated chain guard to mount on the centrifugal clutch cover assembly.

    BGF 66cc engine with dual start (pedal and pull) and centrifugal clutch.
    a. This stock engine had assembly defect which caused centrifugal clutch to quit working early after install. Easily fixed with replacement parts.
    b. Stock headgasket is 3times thicker than usual headgasket on other HT engines and other BGF engines I've purchased. Very easy to pull and pedal start with this stock head gasket.

    High compression slant head: OMG, wtih thinner head gasket, compression makes it very difficult to pedal and pull start. Once it starts running, it is a brute that alows me to cruise effortlessly at speeds nearly exceeding my comfort level. Some issues:
    a. Extra power meaks it uses more fuel. The air/fuel mixture is no longer rich as it was before with stock head/stock head gasket. If you are at sea level, be careful as you may be running too lean. Here at 1+ miles altitude, it appears to be running juts right.
    b. 85 octane with 5oz oil/gallon ain't cutting it. I noticed some very light pinging (detonation/preignition) occuring at full throttle going up a steep hill. Backing off throttle fixed the issue. I'll try 87 octane to see if this problem is remedied and possibly a cooler spark plug. I'm breaking my own rules and running the stock spark plug.

    &*()*&^%^&* exhaust gasket leak. I'm on second gasket and it still leaks oil all over the place. Any advice? Will check to see if the exhaust flange is perfectly level/flat.

    Clutch lever (manual clutch lever) broke on 2nd ride. Poor qualiy metal, replacement is holding up. I disengage the manual clutch on starts, for engine warmup, and for extended idling.

    Stock SBP shifter chain guard doesn't work. Need to ride with my right leg forard the entire time. Accidently got pants caught in sprocket on a previous ride when I didn't do this.

    Stock pull start rope is worthless and WILL fail on 3-4th pull :) Go to Home Despot and buy a replacement cord. It works perfectly and is very durable. Be careful, if you are using a high compression head, you may bust your nuckles on the gas tank ridge when pull starting a cold engine.

    Pedal start is almost impossible on a cold engine. Difficult but manageable once engine is warmed up.

    Future upgrades:

    It needs a SBP tuned pipe. While the power is more than adequate and I can climb any hill at my altitude from a dead stop without pedalling, I need a tuned pipe to provide the same performance at higher altitudes when I ride in the mountains.


    Bike rack


    Helmet for rider/ can't find my old one due to recent move.

    Thicker slime tubes and kevlar tires

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    Thats great. I've built so many bikes in 4+ years as well and still don't have the "perfect bike" but I'm on the verge of finally having everything I want in one bike.

    I have a $700 friction drive, a nice shifting SBP kit, numerous frame mounts, 2 push trailers, Dax Titan 50, stretch choppers, a boardtrack replica and on and on. I have never been satisfied.

    I finally have the bike I want and this week with my new GEBE setup I realize it may be close to perfect but honestly I may end up with with my own center rack mount custom friction drive for my "perfect bike".

    The new GEBE hasnt even arrived and Im planning on replacing it with my own customized set up. Crazy huh? I never had a hobby I was so obsessed with.

    But congrats to you.
  3. heathyoung

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    I've never had an issue with exhaust gasket leaks, I always put some black high temperature silastic on both sides of the gasket before assembly.
  4. ozzyu812

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    Ran across an electric starter, says "fits most Chinese made 43cc and 43cc 2-stroke engines." the CC is small but if they are refering to our beloved Chinese made engines they are basically the same, arent they?. I'm not running a HT so I don't have a clue.
  5. heathyoung

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    Wont fit on a HT, the bolt pattern is that of a standard pull rope starter - works well on the gebe kits etc that use the small whipper snipper (in usa - weed wacker?) engines - also works well as a generator for lights/charging etc.
  6. graucho

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    This is very good to hear. Your hard work is mixed with a dose of satisfaction. I take it this is a bike you'll keep for a while? You timing is perfect with the new riding season. Congrats, ride on!
  7. Pablo

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    Sounds very nice. Post or send us a pick of the right side so we can perhaps provide suggestions on the chain guard.
  8. lordoflightaz

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    I've been looking at it. It may be just a matter of how you cut out the pieces for the chain guard. As part of the chain guards function is to reduce clutch noise it really does not need to do that, the centrifugal clutch is much quieter.
  9. Pablo

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    I agree, but what are you looking at? I don't see any photos(?)
  10. Skyliner70cc

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    I'll post pic by this weekend of what I'm looking at to fabricate a chain guard for.
  11. lordoflightaz

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    The way that the clutch housing is changed on a centrifugal clutch motor.


    Picture shown upside down(hijacked reading html code for lightbox)

    It is just a matter of taking off the clutch cover and tracing it (which is not exactly easy to do.) Easier to take the above pic and print it to scale 1:1
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