Finally putting together my first MB. Some problems...

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    I'm mounting an HT engine to a Micargi beach cruiser, and my frame tube is definitely wider than the bracket allows. I'm going to have to drill into the frame apparently, which I wanted to avoid. The kit came with some extra parts for just this purpose, but the metal bar you're supposed to bend is just...way too bendy. I really can't trust that. The alternative is a pretty thick piece of steel with three holes. The ones on the outside screw into the engine block and the one in the middle screws into the frame tube. This looks good to me, the only problem is the picture where they do that shows the bar flush with the tube and on mine there would be some gap. Still looks more stable than the bendy bar assembly...

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    Might have solved that problem. Made some spacers out of some bits I had laying about. Hopefully it'll work. My concern is there is a lot of tension in the mounting. Also, cracked a mounting bracket but I have spares.

    Here's some pics of my setup so far.

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    Drilling into the frame is definately not good if you can at all avoid it. Even now its done, id still consider setting it up as intended.

    With the intended installation I believe you're supposed to use one of the plates on each side of the tube, with one attached to the engine mounting, and the other clamping down against this plate, to sort of sandwich the frame, which basically has the exact same effect as the standard mounting with no structural integrity lost.

    *shrug* hope that helps, good luck