finally started

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8:26 PM
Aug 23, 2008
marysville ca
so i finally got my project on the right path to completeion i ordered my engine a little 49cc ht i hope im not one of the people that has to give them a bad feedback its from kings shop on ebay i paid 170 after all was said and done man was all that a pain it took like 3hrs to finally buy it (i have 28k internet) o yea its a limited edition as well so im gettin a 26inch montain bike with front sus for a bill so yea every1 wish me luck on this first build
HI, I just finished my build last night using their 70cc kit. Despite all the negative experiences with them on here, I had a great experience. Motor shipped quickly, no damage, nothing missing, and all the better quality parts were included. Motor started right up on the first try and runs great. Don't even have much vibration, with all the talk on it, I expected to have my teeth rattling, but it was really smooth. Good luck and a great time building it.
alright its great to finally hear some good from them so whats the 70cc power like cause i hear the 50cc is amazing and did u already take your for a cruise yet? well hope all was good and may the mb force be with you
yea cool its good to hear some good about this company is all is well i WILL buy from them again so did u take her for a cruise yet? if so how is the power and if urs is all stock what cruiseing speed do you get
Glad you got it going.One suggestion I'd make is to install the shift kit from I saw pablo and ghost riding around with there kit at the rally and was very imperest with the quality of it. Well worth the $200 asking price. With it you will gain top speed and lower rpm on the motor
yea? do i need to do any mods to get all that to go on my bike or is it bolt on and what about the freewheel crank does it come with it or no and whats the avg cruise speed and rpm/ top speed