finaly got my bike running!! yes!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by linnix13, May 21, 2009.

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    so the little crankshaft gear broke on my HT after 3000km and i had to re order new parts. i waited 3 weeks for the parts to come and they accidentaly shipped the wrong parts! so i sent it back and another 3 weeks o got the right parts. i put it all together only to have the moon key fly out and the gear too! so i picked up some jb weld and stuck a hole tube on there! it runs awsome! i hope the little gear doesnt break again .because its never coming off now. but i doubt i will get another 3000km out of it.

    oh and off topic but how do i know if i got any infraction points? cause sometimes i swear and its all blanked out like this (******) is that an infraction point cause probably have a million

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    congrats on the repair
    good to be back riding -- we know that feeling !!
    to be back on that THING

    regarding your points
    the mods here do a fine job of letting you know if you are getting over the line
    id you haven't heard anyTHING it's a good THING
    those litle ***** computer is just removing words considered a no no on site

    no time out for you -- you can go and ride that THING
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    hahaha well i spoke to soon. i went on a major ride and somehow the jb weld broke and the woodruff key jammed into the clutch locking up the back tire doing 50 on a freeway, i never knew a transport truck could swerve like that!! anyways im ok and it seems the jb weld inside the thread of the bold held but the woodruff key came out the back and then the gear turned freely. so i went arounf the neighborhood asking for a welder and i finally got someone to put a tig weld that holds the little bevel gear to the large screw, it seems to work but im woried about all the power being transfered through that screw, what do you think? also my clutch is slipping like crazy! so i turn the star screw clockwise or counter clockwise to tighten it up?