Finding a bike for GEBE kit


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10:24 PM
Jun 21, 2008
So i bought a subaru 35cc kit from GEBE with a 32 spoke ring for my hybrid which didnt fit. Now im trying to find a suitable 32 spoke non disc brake bike for my height 6" thats cheap and im finding it really tough. I just want a cheapy as well. Looked at sears, and walmart (in canada) and they are all 36 spoke - any one got any suggestions?
Possible return it for a 36 spoke. The guys at gebe are really busy now but
they do stand behind their costumers. With the spoke driven kit you want the
additional spokes anyways. Giv them a call and say you made a mistake. If you pay
shipping I would bet they would exchange it for you. But you would still have to wait :(

if you like the present bicycle enuff, you can almost surely find a wheel...

if you would like to inquire into an exchange, and are willing to not hold yer breath until the hometeam can catch up, PM me and i'll see what we can work out :cool:
Its not the wheel thats the problem on the bike its the frame is too small. Im sure a bigger wheel would cause more problems.

Ive ordered a 36 spoke drive ring from gebe, and I found a mountain bike suitable for it for $30 last night second hand. So i'll just wait the 2 weeks for the drive ring.