finding a sutible mountain bike

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    hi, this is my first post on this site and the whole reason i joined is to pick your guys brains which must be common. anyway i bought a 66cc bike engine kit (powerking or something like that) and i am in the process of looking for a sutible mountain bike. i also want it to fit a SBP jackshaft kit which i have also orderd. heres the one im looking at

    my local bike shop says the can sell it for $411, RRP$549 so what do you guys think?:whistling:

  2. professor

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    Twin disc brakes are great but what is the frame made of? I am leery of aluminum.
    Be sure to view the posts on the "HT" engines, lots of guys take them apart to clean them (finding grit and shavings inside) then assemble them correctly. Get rid of any nuts that are capped (called "Acorn nuts".