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    HI--I'm new to the list, posted once already; this seems to be the only area where the site will allow me to post. I was directed to two other areas, but access was restricted when I tried to post; so I'm back here.

    I have a Rhoades four wheel electric bike/car, which came when I bought it in 2004 with "band" brakes. I have the "mag" wheels. They now use disc brakes on this model, but the cost to buy them from the company would be $485 approximately.

    The brakes I have will not stop the bike except if I'm going slowly on a flat surface--probably because there is a lot more momentum going 25 or 30 mph on a hill with the weight of one person (160 lbs.) the motor and two marine deep cycle batteries. Even then, they are sluggish, and only marginally reliable.

    Is anyone aware of more affordable options for getting disc brakes that would work on my four wheels? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Welcome to the MBc. There are a lot of posts on the Rhodes car, and on Inexpensive Disc Brakes. Use our Search function on both terms and you should come up with something. If, after a diligent search, you can't find anything...Post in in the proper Forum, and I can assure you that you will get an answer. I'd start in General Discussion...Many of our most knowledgeable members check there regularly. Good Luck.
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