finished cheapo derringer style

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by dbower22, May 19, 2008.

  1. dbower22

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  2. that is very nice indeed, very clean! where'd you get the gas tank?
  3. hellbilly

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    Nice looking MB. I really like the vintage look. Bet you'll have alot of fun on that one!!
  4. First word that popped in my mind when I clicked that pic was TANK.

    Awesome bike,man.

    How much gas can you put in there?
  5. Zev0

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    Dude, that is a totally AWESOME ride man. Fantastic work
  6. butch27

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    NICE! What's the tank from?
  7. dbower22

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    thanks for all the comments.

    tank was bought used from a fellow in north carolina. it holds a little over a gallon and a half.
  8. lobsterboyx

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    what is that style tank called? also, the seat is great, i gotta know what you did there..

    the first time i saw how much a derringer bike was i said to myself, i bet you can build one just like it for around 250 - 300 bucks
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  9. HoughMade

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    I like it!

    Sure doesn't look "cheapo".

    How did you support the rear of the seat? I can't quite make it out from the picture. Also, what did you do for handlebars?
  10. dbower22

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    The seat support is actually just another springer section from an old saddle bent and clamped with a kickstand support brace. the saddle itself is just an old brooks saddle off my old road bike. the derringer seat arrangement was the biggest design flaw of their bikes, it just looks bad. so i tried to make it more board tracker style. quite comfortable.
  11. HoughMade

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    I understand what you mean about the seat- a board tracker needs the seat moved back over the wheel or it doesn't look right. On mine, I brazed brackets onto the frame to support the back of the seat with a piece of flat stock bent to shape.

    I admire your ingenuity.

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  12. lobsterboyx

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  13. Irish John

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    That's better than the Derringer it looks not just cafe racer but looks cappucino coloured. Where are those tanks made? Does anyone know how where they can be got? Also where can you buy saddles like the Whizzer ones?
  14. MasterLink

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    big differences then when i first seen it
  15. h0tr0d

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    The bike looks awesome: just my style. What color is it? I know you plan on adding some brakes to that thing. Coaster alone is difinitely not safe. Good job on the bike Derringer should take some cues from you.
  16. dbower22

    dbower22 New Member

    thanks for the compliments, the color is cappuccino--as far as the brakes, probably not. Stupid I know, but i'll save the brakes for the one i'm building right now.
  17. bushido

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    i know i already told you in a PM, but TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
  18. h0tr0d

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    What exactly are you building right now? Any pics?
  19. dbower22

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    i'm attempting to build an art deco style racer. I want to use a 26" in the front and smaller wheel in the rear (not sure how small yet), and have both wheels tucked up real close to the frame. Sounds kinda silly I'm sure, but trust me, it'll be a real looker. I'm about to get my frame welded, so hopefully will have pictures soon.
  20. atomicmiata

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    General Moped Tank Gas Cap?

    what did you use for a gas cap?
    I just purchased a gas tank fro Handy Bikes but they were out of the gas caps...