finished first build and glad to be here !! have some questions?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by adam61387, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    hi everybody ..... this site is a vault of knowledge for the up and coming motor bike enthusiast and i have some questions i ride a 33 tanaka purefire engine on a GEBE geared belt drive if any one had specific know how on said model i would love to talk with you .

  2. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Welcome to MBc. I know someone who rides a Tanaka/Gebe. It seems to be a good system.
  3. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    i did my research they are #1 for quality says reviews.

    but i would like to know if any one has knows a brand or company or model of rear fender that will fit my gebe mount .
  4. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Welcome to MBc, Adam, and it sounds like you are well ahead of the curve already. Why don't you send us some pics of your build...both close up and back farther and ask some specific questions. I'm sure we can collectively get things squared away in no time...K?
  5. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    will do but it will have to wait until tomorrow . for now its set up on a older like mid 2000s trek 820, 21 speed , hardtail with 63mm front travel suspension ,tektro v brakes and shimano ef40 gears . there doesnt seem to be enough room for a rear fender and im eating mud from the front and back .
  6. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    On the 'Ice'question, Van should be the one who knows. Git off the gas, and turn into the spin...don't hit the brakes until you are almost stopped (and then just lightly.) In a 'dire emergency'...such as headed for a drop-off, learn how to turn into the skid, slow it as much as possible, and "lay it down at the last possible moment." [this, however, is a technique most people will never need unless they ride in the mountains,] but is a good thing to read up on just in case.