Finished my bike! but it won't start


Local time
7:39 AM
Apr 2, 2008
I finished assembling my first motorized bike. I filled it with the 6 oz oil/1 gallon gas mixture, pulled up the choke lever, pushed the "tickle button" a couple times and tried engaging the engine riding downhill. I open the clutch, and I hear it start, but the bike just slows down and stops. I tried giving it gas, but nothing happens. What's wrong? Can someone PM me, or maybe someone wants to call me? :) I'm just a little confused-- never done this before!
too much choke. you should be able to hear it slowly and gradually start up from 1.4 choke-1/2 choke, in over 45 degrees. any other questions pm me, or if ya need further help.
Is it getting spark?

me and him did a pm session at 1130 last night, and it fired up, but he said it wants to go full throttle, but the throttle isnt sticking, so i pointed him to a vaccum thread, and told him how to check if he has a vaccum leak (the full choke when warm thing)