finished my engine chromed!!!!

hi guys just got my chrome parts back and put them on my bike today. it took 5 weeks for 4 pieces. that sucks ,way to long to wait for me to wait ,anyway got them back and installed them and thought i would share incase anybody wants to wait forever for chromed covers and head . just wanted to pretty her up a bit. thanks for looking larry ca


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yes and no for chrome but cost about $130.00. i was rebuilding the bike for my winter project so been taking my time . powder coated the frame and all that so while i had it apart decided to chrome some parts .
You ruined doesn't look cheap Chinese anymore but something much much more expensive.....precision.

BTW...Nice touch with the Allen keys.
Yes i have to agree with everyone looks simply amazing, BUTTTT, if a ring goes bad and destroys your head and cylinder/jug. Your out some $$$$. but then again if i had the $$$$$$ i would've done it to lol. Great looking and problebly the best looking HT iv'e ever seen so far.