Finished my first build/ Huffy Panama Jerk Bike

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by T Rock, May 13, 2010.

  1. T Rock

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    Finally finished my first build and test drove it about sixty miles in a couple of days, with only two problems. Fist day the chain guard tab broke off, its very cheaply made and on day two the nut came off the bottom of the muffler and dumped onto the street. Other than those two minor problems the bike drove flawlessly. Its a Huffy Panama Jerk Bike 26" with a Flying Horse 66cc and a top speed of 26.4 mph, not bad for a 213lb guy. :ack2:

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  2. vegaspaddy

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    nice ride t rock for first build very impressive,

    how about painting that engine black then you hardly notice it on there. Blend right in with the black frame.
  3. T Rock

    T Rock New Member

    I was going to paint the engine, but just was to excited about building my first engine powered bike and just wanted to try it out. I think that will be my next mod. Do you think I could get away with a low temp paint or do you think I should buy a high temp paint? I heard people saying that a low temp paint should be just fine, what do u think?
  4. chainmaker

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    Nice looking Bike..I was going to pick one of those up, well the non-panama jack Classic Cruiser but they were out of stock. Went with a DelMar ( Voice in My head saying " I should have waited"
  5. T Rock

    T Rock New Member

    So far the bike, frame and wheels are holding up fine. The only bad part on the bike was the stock seat, the seat rails bend very easily and replaced it with a good quality seat from with a set of matching grips.
  6. chainmaker

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    I know I should have waited I checked Wal-Mart online today and they have them back in stock.
  7. wheelbender6

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    T Rock - Those are both common problems. You cannot use too much thread lock on motorized bikes. One member replaced the south end of his muffler with a beer can (top end - exhaust exits through the drinking tab hole) when it fell off and was lost.
  8. KCvale

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    Nice bike.
    I love that style, and coolie cup holder is a nice touch ;-}
    I'd stay with the silver motor since you have a silver tailpipe, but they do look great with a black motor and a black tailpipe.

    I highly recommend you put a front brake on though, relying on just the stock coaster brake is pretty dangerous.

    Speaking of the coaster brake, another thing to consider is bumping the pedal side wheel sprocket up a tooth from 18 to 19 teeth.
    It is cheap ($5) and very easy to do, and the lower pedal side gear ratio not only makes it easier to pedal start the motor, it gives you more torque on the coaster brake improving it's performance to the point where you can actually lay a skid ;-}

    My bike is a lot like yours, it's a Maui ($135) but I don't have the included full fenders put on yet.



    The Maui is a longer frame, perfect for an over 6' tall guy, but I needed to get the $15 optional mounting package with the extra long front studs and extra front mounting extender.

    If you do put a bigger rear sprocket on, I also recommend you consider re-doing both your chains too since you will need to lengthen the pedal chain anyway.

    Size your drive chain to fit perfect with no tensioner to no more 3/4 of the way back into the chainstay grove mount, then mess with the pedal chain.

    Size up the pedal chain best you can, 1/2 links can really help here, but you can't match them put the tensioner on the pedal side.

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  9. hybrid

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    Pretty sick! Well done on your first
  10. beast775

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    very good build..use high heat,it will last longer.:grin5:
  11. chefdouglas

    chefdouglas Member

    Nice build I like the paint on the frame. Is that a bottle opener on the fork?
  12. T Rock

    T Rock New Member

    Bottle opener

    Yes it looks like one to me, this bike came with all kinds of extras, bottle opener, back expandable rack, cup holder, saddle bag which was on the handle bars when I got it! Oh and forgot to mention the white walled tires with the panama jack signature on

    Beach cruizer fur sure!