Finished my whizzer ...

I finished my spookytooth kit ... put it on a Schwinn 7-spd beach cruiser I snagged off of craigslist for $60 ( tank is one of Thatsdax's ).

I will be getting a VIN in a few weeks, and will go the legal moped route with it.

I thought I might also post a pic of my e-bent while I was at it.


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Clean Schwinn!

:D Very tastefully proportioned. Super job! How was your experience with Spooky Tooth, they seem like a bunch of super cool people.
Yes, it's a Schwinn Jaguar 7 speed beach cruiser. I replaced the twist shift with a simple friction shift, and have a twist throttle and double brake lever on the right side, and just the clutch on the left.

The people at Spookytooth were just fine. Their supplier in BC sent me the kit as a drop shipment. It was missing a bunch of stuff, so I got on the phone. The people at Spookytooth got me straightened out and sent the missing stuff the day I got a hold of them.

Getting a VIN in Washington State:

To get a VIN in WA, you go to the DOL and tell them you built a custom motorbike. They tell you to call the State Police to make an appointment to have a VIN inspection. You call them, they set a date, and they send you back to the DOL to get a Statement of Fact ( basically an Affidavit that you built the bike out of parts you obtained lawfully ).

With statement in hand, you go the the State Police appointment, they then take your statement, and put a VIN on the bike. If you have bills of sale for everything, they then send you to the DOL for a Vehicle Title. If you don't have a bill of sale, you get a Vehicle Registration ... and can get the title three years later.
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I like the way you did the gas tank. under the bike rack is cool and makes sense!

The engine's under 50cc, why are you worried about licensing it?
I thought that as long as its under 50cc's, it doesn't have to be licensed.

...or has that law changed too, now. (#$#$money grubbers%$^$##)

What reat deal on the bike. I paid $120 for my Jaguar. Worth every penny so far. Enjoy the ride.
Nice rides. as for the questions concerning registration/inspection:

In Washington it has always been considered a moped.
Ten years ago when I first started building and riding these things I researched the RCW's and have continually checked for updates. They are considered mopeds if:
Not more than 50cc, not more than 2 brake horsepower, no faster than 30 M.P.H., and have working pedals.
Otherwise it can be registered as a "motor-driven cycle", or if it is older than 40 years (by frame #'s, they don't look at the engine #) it is consiodered an "Antique Motor-Driven Cycle".
Whizzers fall into the motor-driven cycle category...
Hope this clears things up a bit for Washington State... :)
I go to the chehalis inspection place, the one up here in Tacoma is a royal pain. The officers in chehalis are very friendly and listen to you about your vehicle, making for a very smooth, easy, and pleasant process.
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Thanks for the info.
I remember back during the gas crunch of the 1970's, Mopeds became popular and sprang a whole vairety of varients.
ASAIK, they didn't have to be registered in those days because they were considered a "pedal assissted" vehicle and since it was not solely motor driven, the DMV considered it just like owning a regular bicycle.
Thus, you didn't have to register them or anything. Just buy 'em and ride.

...apparently things have changed.

Thanks again for the update. I'll keep that in mind when I build mine.