Firday Night Chat?

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there was a chat last friday nite on the forum. Someone should start one up this friday:rolleyes:
Still need to eat but I wanted to say that the chat was a good time when I normally don't like chat rooms. Good talking to you, Black. Need anything, feel free to PM me.

See ya!


Oh, and there was already another thread about this... Have a look in the forum index first before you want to start a thread...


Our Supreme Moderator has said: already existing topic is where you should be discussing this. you just got here, we know you're excited, but chill a bit & read, read, won't be bored, i promise you that...there's a surprise in every thread

MBc members are responsible for doing their part, MBc staff is responsible, among other things, for seeing that you do. so, this example isn't to pick on you personally, but my answer to a new rash of duplicate topics...dupe topics only bury good stuff deeper into the archives...

watch this video about posting on a forum, have a chuckle, & then try to help out a bit more in the future:
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