FireBelly Antelope!?

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  1. Here are pics of the new build w/ FireBelly "Hard Box" Prototype transmission. It is solid, reliable and looks good in black!

    Rear wheel is 9 spd disc hub mtd sprocket, 11g ss spokes laced to a Sun Ditchwitch rim. Brooks Saddle is comfortable to me even before break in.

    This dog will hunt! And carry your haul!

    The thing is amazing. It's really fast, around 34 mph ets. I commute 12 miles in a 1/2 hr. People look on in amazement; the oe exhaust tip disappeared on day after repeatedly coming loose in spite of my various attempts to keep it attached. So I adapted a tuneable Supertrap exhaust tip. It's still louder than the 2 smokes!

    Anyway I'm pretty happy w/ it! Hop on and go! :helmet:

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    That's a cute one. I like the black color. Keep it up!!