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  1. So, after long downtime, we've got our website built, it really has been a long time coming!

    It was a lot of work; way more than Mrs. FireBelly and I had anticipated!

    We are very proud of how it turned out and we're excited to offer a very unique line of products from bicycle parts, wheels, and tools to fine machined products. It is our intention to cater to the Motorbicycle Builder. We are not a Chinese kit dealer as that portion of the market, we feel, is well represented and feel that our contribution is better suited elseware in this budding industry. We will be continuing to expand our inventory to include many more quality motorbicycle and bicycle parts, tools, wheel products, and fine machined items!

    It is our goal to provide as many domestic, and "fair trade" products as possible, contributing to sustainable markets and products. We also recognize that many products are only availabe from China, Taiwan etc and that many of those products are high quality products w/ a good price to value ratio. These imports also help to stimulate our economy and support hard working people domestically.

    So please take a look at our website and check us out from time to time. We greatly appreciate your business and your passion for excellence!

    P.S. We just launched a couple days ago and have noticed some issues that we'll be addressing asap. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions concerns etc. You can also reach us via email at and our facebook page.

    Many Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  2. mountain80

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    Unable to click on some products to look at and some of the pics are not coming up, otherwise nice site.
  3. AussieJester

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    I like the simple outlay very easy to navigate
    nice line of 'custom' product that will be very handy
    to the MBer...particularly like the disk mount sprocket adapter



    P.S all links and pics worked 100% for me
  4. Thanks guys! Should have most everything fixed in the next few days.

    There'll be some price corrections too e.g. motor mounts are $57 and $77 instead of $75 and $95.

    The picture gallery will be updated to reflect the variety builds we do. Product pics will be updated as we go along too!