Firecracker like sound upon hitting the killswitch and disengaging the clutch

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    Greetings everyone,

    Need some help here. did a search on the forums and could not find anything. To stop first I reduce the speed to virtually nothing, then I hit the kill switch and immediately follow up by disengaging the clutch. once in a while I get like a firecracker sound (a single thaaaaaaaaa like one). I don't know what this is and how to identify where it's coming from and what to do about it. your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. professor

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    Some of the small tractors ( like the lawn equiptment) make a loud bang when shutting down. Called "afterfire" - not a back fire, but when mixture ignites in the exhaust system after shutting the ignition off. The manufactures have gone to idle solenoids to shut off fuel with ignition to eliminate it.
    Doesn't hurt anything if that is it.
  3. Esteban

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    May also be running a little " rich " causing it to do that. Not the " end of the World, " but I wouldn't like it.
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    I forgot to mention, the solution is to let the engine cool down by idling for a minute before killing the ignition. ( info from the boys at
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    I wished my engine would do it; having flames shoot out the exhaust for added effect.

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    Fabian, you're funny. thanks everyone for their help!
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    Hi asfazrq

    Hope you enjoy your time on the site. Just remember to use the search function as it will reward you with a lot of useful information.
    We need to swap engines: you can have my perfectly running engine and i can upgrade to a fire breathing monster of a motor.

    I would be happy as Larry if my engine kept other people on their toes by spontaneously having horrendous uncommissioned backfires and shooting flames at passing pedestrians and the occasional dog that tries to attack my bike.

    Cheers Fabian
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