first 4 stroke build

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by gary55, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. gary55

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    fired up ran like a top had oil leak from clutch housing opened it up cleaned out housing put it on a stand fired it up with housing off to inspect for origin of oil leak no leak are the cint. clutch and gear housing wet or did the engine sit wrong in shipping and wind up leaking through a seal while on it's side iv'e been building 2 strokes (10) in the last 6 mos. mild to wild just about got them figured out but just do't know if the 4 stk. has a wet clutch. it has gears no belts also will need instruction on clutch and gears dissambly if after I ride the crap out of it tomorrow the mysterious leak returns. thanks guys

  2. darwin

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    Be careful not to overfill it with oil, just to the bottom thread of the filler hole. If overfilled even by a bit the carb air cleaner will leak oil and the flywheel fan will blow it all over the motor. Check your air breather for wet oil in it and see wassup. Thinking you have a hs 49cc or Honda gx 50.
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    What engine & gearbox do you have?
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    Try. Using. A period. Once. In. Awhile. Ok. Buddy.
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    darwin and dougsr.874 thanks for your replys it had just set on it's side to long rode the crap out of it today no leaks oh and butterbean save your superior typing skills and go teach a english class your obviously have the highly intilectual gift of punctuation maybe you could check my spelling too
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    Not everyone has perfect spelling and grammar, but when a post is one continuously long run-on sentence, it's hard to read. I'm not asking you to write a Shakespeare play, just use a period once in awhile. That's not superior typing skills or ap English, it's punctuation.