First 42cc chainsaw on a 26" mntn bike build

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ChainsawBikeNoob, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I've managed to scavenge enough parts to mount a 42cc chainsaw onto a bike rack on my 26" mountain bike. Now I am in the process of figuring out if i need a jack shaft or if I can weld a sprocket to either the clutch or just the engine and run a chain to the rear wheel. I know that in all likelihood I will need to weld a sprocket to the clutch and run a chain to the rear wheel. I would like any input into whether I can use the clutch that came with the chainsaw or if I need a new one or could weld it directly to the engine. I'm pretty sure that a sprocket on the chainsaw would be better than a friction drive, as I plan to drive it in the rain, and that makes friction drives almost impossible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Really can't help ya there, Chainsaw. But Welcome to the MBc.
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    You will need at least 18.75:1 gear ratio, maybe two jackshafts.:detective:

    Welcome to the club, chainsaw.:devilish:
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    thanks for the help. any other tips for a beginner would be greatly appreciated
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    Get the best brakes.

    It takes months to really get used to your motorized combination. Your bike will try to kill you on the first testruns.

    They're like wild stallions until you break them in.:jester: