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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blompod, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. blompod

    blompod Guest

    Hi there, I have nice cruiser style bicycle and have a 30cc friction roller type motor bolted to the back. Its good but pretty slow, about 20mph flat out, and its hopless if the roads are wet, the roller just slips. I want to fit the 80cc 2 stroke chain drive motor. I do about 80 miles a week and was wondering if these motors have a good life span with a lot of use. and whats the top speed of a stock motor? Thankyou :roll:

  2. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    my top speed is about 26mph on flat ground, and 20 or so pulling up a hill. I have put probably 500 miles on mine with no problems. I think some other members have thousands on theirs.
  3. blompod

    blompod Guest

    Thanks Tom I have an Electra brand straight 8 model cruiser, very sexy bike indeed. The only problems I can see fitting the motor is it has very a thick frame and 3inch tyres, also it has a nexus 3 speed internal hub on the rear, makes the hub pretty thick, might have to machine out the sproket to fit. But I guess all that stuff is half the fun. I was talking to a guy online and he said he can pull 50mph on his. Seems a bit far fetched to me. Maye he meant going down hill. Anyway I'll be using mine as my main mode of transport since losing my licence. Will give me back even more freedom, and thats great.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    I drive mine about 20 miles a day 6 days a week and have over 1000 miles on my bike .......I was clocked at 56 by one of the local cops and when he pulled me over it was to look at the bike.

    I do not like those friction drive bikes because they seem to be hard on the tires and lose traction when wet and in a sub tropic climate it rains a lot :).

  5. mrsaxman99

    mrsaxman99 Guest

    56? that's damn fast!
  6. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    I have a Kings motor 80cc on my bike. It will do 30-32-33- maybe 35 tops on a good day. The problem is it vibrates alot at full speed so you don't want to run it that hard for long. But it will def/ go 30plusmph no problem. I've been trying to but rubber mounts together to cut down on the vibrations some but haven't been able to make it work out so far.I noticed that the gasket between the jug and the bottom end has blown out and is letting oil run down the side of the engine. I ordered a gasket set from Kings yesterday but its going to take a week or better to get here. Also its running a 44 tooth sproket now and I'm waiting for the new 36 tooth to come out then it will most likley do 40+ ........... Tom in WV
  7. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    I have a cobbler shop and make a goop out of the leather and rubber shavings from my grinder, mix that with the contact cement we use, it absorbs vibration. I use it to set my gas tank also it keeps it firm and keeps it from walking on the cross bar.
    A layer of the goop on the motor mounts let it set then tighten the mounts.

    As far as gaskets the one on the muffler is trash I make mine out of the gasket cork used for cars, the cork comes in rolls and it comes in 2 thickness a little gasket copper and you are good to go.

    The thing with the 2 stroke is if you open it up the motor will keep reveing until either you run out of pucker power or the motor vibrates its self to death.

  8. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    motor mounts

    Cookie, Can you make me up a kit of your majic mystery motor mount mix.????Please If you can't thats ok. but if you can.mail it to Thomas Yendell 200 Brigadere Cir. Lot-Q Martinsburg, West Virginia 25404 I might be able to make something up if you e-mail specific directions.maybe grind up some rubber and cork etc. Well Help me out if you can..... Tom in WV
  9. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    it is easy go to your local shoe repair shop and ask if they can give you some of the dust out of the jackmaster they will be gald to give it to you if not let me know and I will send you is a good oil sweep for concret it absorbs the oil.

    once you get the sanding dust mix it with some barge cement (a little on the thick side) put it where you want it dampen you hand and smooth out the goop let it dry untill it gets a flat glaze then assemble and let sit over night

  10. bird

    bird Guest

    ive seen a bike with the 3 speed hub done its an electra rat rod. i know ive seen the rat fink bike with a motor on it and those are simular frames but you need to buy a mount or weld one your self i think you can use a mount from a stingray and cut it in half and it works but im not sure.

    here is the bike wit the 3speed hub[​IMG]

    here is the rat fink bike with the cut in half motor mount you can see it in front of the motor its black [​IMG]
  11. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    Bird how do those POO POO PIPES run I have been wanting to try one

  12. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    I love my poo poo pipe. That being said I hate that stupid name. First off it loks much better than the stock pipe, secondly it gives your bike a throatyer sound and thirdly I'm not positive but my bike seems to have a bit more on the top end. The one problem you might have is getting it to fit your bike. I have talked to at least three others that have gotten these pipes and so far everyone has had to do a little bending to the pipe. Also if you use the stock chain tentioner you will probably need to remove it so that the pipe will clear...Kelly
  13. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    DAMN !!! you always have some good looking bikes ..........I WANT YOUR SHOP!!!!! :)

  14. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    Thanks for the compliments Cookie. My shop has gotten alot smaller with winter comming. I now have to put cars in the garage until spring, lol. I need to take some time and build a bench, right now most of my work is done sitting on the floor...Kelly
  15. bird

    bird Guest

    they would make them there selfs out of old handle bars they are the exact same size as the pipe on the exhaust. its cool cuz handle bars come in pretty much every bend to. the only bad thing about putting the pipe end of the pipe up like that is it fills up with oil and shoots it out every where and smokes alot.