first attempt at a build

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    howdy guys, been a bike mechanic for 5-6 years now (pro for a year) so i know bikes but i know basically nothing about motors and anything NOT powered by human footpower. im attemping a first motorbike build soon, so i thought id register for my inevitable questions. :cool2:

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    Hi. good to see a NooBy. You'll find all the answers in here.
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    welcome to the club

    Being a recovering bike mechanic myself(I can't stay away from the things) I will say the neat thing about these things is if you want to get there quick you can, But nothing is stopping you from turning the motor off and saying high to the folks you meet. You can get to and go places(with the motor off) that would be impossible.

    I have been taking classes at the local university and when I get within two blocks I just hit the kill switch and pedal though campus. I lock my bike up at the bike racks and save a lot on parking too.