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    this is my first attempt at making a bike. i'm completly broke, but have a shed full of stuff....:grin:

    lost my lisence on my motorbike for speeding, so now it's e-bike time.

    this is what i'm starting with, old pushbike i haven't ridden for nearly a year & a kids scooter from the local publican that stopped working.

    also got a little push scooter that has a wee motor in it, but that stopped working too.

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    ok, got the motor mounted to the bike, just unbolted the whole swingarm-motor unit and turned it upside down (otherwise it would go backwards) then welded a piece of 2" c chanel just above the rear brakes.

    drilled holes in the bracket first tho..
    then welded a bolt to the frame below the motor to take a sliding tension adjuster (bracket of an old givi motorbike rack mount).

    ripped the controller off and taped all the wires and stuff to the frame.
    used the throttle off the grey scooter as its a twist grip, no room for the original thumb unit.

    taped the batteries out of the grey scooter to the frame with another one i had lying around that took a charge.

    plugged it all in and hey! my first ride!
    batteries are shot, but it moves.

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    more pics....

    best thing about this conversion is that i've spent about 2 hours so far :grin:

    no worries about the drive slipping, as the scooter wheel is hard rubber. perfect for what i want.

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    yea, i know - it's pretty ghetto.. but this is proof of concept at this stage.

    got more batterys which aren't as bad as the ones i first had, and decided to go from 24 to 36v. :)

    MUCH better, can now go up a hill with pedal assist that i had to crawl up in first before.
    BTW, i'm only going about 5 minutes up the road to the pub, but i live on a very hilly part of the bay.
    got to keep on 2 wheels with a motor somehow :cool:

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    do whatever it takes man!