First bicycle! and 2nd in thoughts

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    hey guys,

    its already starting,

    4 months ago a friend gave me a double suspension bike,...its never been used in like 4 to 5 years.

    it was dirty and in need of it was my first proyect to bring it back to life.
    it had horrible stickers so their gone! and the tires were flat, but it was looking NEW...after filling the tires, i rode and it felt nice!
    the wheel exploded!! lol (when i parked home) it was strange...

    so i whent and bought 2 new tubes, always a spear and a new stand, which was broken from before...

    im going for the no engine for now....just to get a grip of bicycles felt like an extencion of my body some years ago...but now its a strange thrilling thing!

    for my second bike, im thinking of a swhinn 26" cruser with a front springer fork with a 20" front wheel. An internal hub with like 7 gears. some lights isaw in holland, the lights work with a magnet on the spokes. + a vintage looking headlight

    after building it a nice 40 cc engine will be added.....

    see you arround guys!
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  2. Mountainman

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    ride that thrilling thing !!!!!!!!!

    it doesn't take much riding to get the OLD FEELING BACK

    as far as the strange thrilling thing --

    ride that thing
  3. Happy Valley

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    Heh, classic.