First 'big' trip. Ontario, Canada. Gravenhurst to Brechin

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    Went on about a 4 hr, 150Km tour last night.
    Average speed between 25-35Km/h, top speed was 55.9 Km/h (bike speedo.)

    Went between the hours of 10:30pm and 3am. Doe Lake to Housey's rapids to Ramara backroads, if anyone's reading that knows.
    Was a nice moonlit night (when it wasn't raining) 10 to 2 degrees Celcius, light to pouring rain half the time... GREAT FUN!!!

    I originally had a small tube steel frame, that made my hands and *** numb after about 20 mins of riding, so I'll share my solution that made it long distance 'comfortable'.

    1) Using a bike with an aluminum frame and large diameter 'triangle' (with a 2-stroke frame-mounted engine) made a HUGE difference in vibration transmission! Only had uncomfortable vibrations when I was 'testing' maximum speed, lol.

    2) In the seat, where it attatches to the post, I loosened it until I could wrap a piece of rubber (old handgrip) around the two bars that clamp in the 'knuckle' at the top of the seat post. Tightened it back down and I have a seat dampener. Most bikes would put yer butt above the level of your head with a suspension seat post, so I think this is better.

    3) The old bike had the tiny little 'thumb diameter' road tires... I'm convinced these are UNACCEPTABLE for a motored bike... popped 3 in a row.
    The 'new' bike has 700c 28" tires on it, and seems to be 'adequate' for dirt, sand, gravel, and running over the odd pothole and road cracks without damage.

    4) Bring/wear thick gloves, boots, thick pants, raingear and a cellphone,lol.

    If anyone in the Muskoka, Ontario area wants a suspension seat post lemme know and ya can have the dam thing fer $10 or something, lol

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    Impressive late night ride. Occasionally i ride late at nite on tour in remote areas, because of the lack of traffic. Nowadays it seems there are cars on the remotest roads all hours of the day, except late at nite, and even then there can be a bar crowd, though usually not.
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    Here it would be a Bear moose or deer crowd