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  1. preston riegsecker

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    Ive been at this for at least 3 months. I wanted to use a mountain bike, so i could use the five speed on the back wheel. I had an old huffy just kinda laying around along with a number of various weed wacker engines. Unfortunately, it wasnt able to move me, even with all the gearing down.
    20130708_181134.jpg 20130708_181116.jpg
    i used an old water pump houseing for my jack shaft and got the tiny chain and sprockets off some chinese e-scooter.

    So i went and got a 79cc HF 4 stroke. It just barely fit in there, but now ive got it almost all put together. Im waiting on my clutch, chain, and 75 tooth sprocket. I havnt done the math yet, im just hoping itll be able to pull me along.
    20130809_170222.jpg 20130809_170238.jpg

    Here ive added the tank that came off the engine and an exhaust ive put together.
    20130823_203846.jpg 20130824_140106.jpg

    It was going to have a belt tension clutch system but then i decided on a centrifugal clutch. I need to hook up the throttle too.
    Thats all i got so far.

  2. wheelbender6

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    You are quite a mech. First time I have seen a pump used as a jack shaft. Dig it.
  3. Rockoteer

    Rockoteer New Member

    Where will your feet go?
  4. preston riegsecker

    preston riegsecker New Member

    Machinest by trade so I have access to all the tools.
    I just added a cross bar right above the kick stand for my feet. Ill probably have to add some shielding on the left too, so my leg doesn't get mangled or burned.
  5. Rockoteer

    Rockoteer New Member

    Okay. I envy your machinest ability. I have a small Unimat I am trying to learn to use. I found out from my neighbor that there are classes at the college I can take on milling, lathe work and welding.
  6. preston riegsecker

    preston riegsecker New Member

    Ya, I'm just finishing up my associates degree at the community college. I recommend taking some of the classes or the whole program. I also have a mini metal lathe but find it isn't very helpful for most of my projects.
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Well, I gotta say that I also admire your ability to cobble unusual stuff into a working system.

    I was also worried about your feet getting mangled and burnt, too.

    You'll be careful about that, right?

    Best of luck and have fun.
  8. itskeith

    itskeith New Member

    A water pump jack shaft, you sir are a true tinkerer! I salute you.
  9. preston riegsecker

    preston riegsecker New Member

    Thanks! I dont want to think im cheap, just creative.

    and ya ill be safe on it. Ive had my bad experiences on motorcycles.


    There's my foot rest, not to exciting.


    stock throttle assembly and my after throttle linkage
    I just quickly turned the cable retainers on the lathe

    very simple but it works good
  10. preston riegsecker

    preston riegsecker New Member

    So its been a while since Ive been on here. Since then i finished the bike and was riding it around quit a bit.
    I made a hub for the big sprocket and was able to design and make the small spocket.
    I switched up the exhaust because everyone thought it looked dangerous.
    20131025_154524.jpg 20131025_154604.jpg 20131028_012629.jpg 20131028_013037.jpg 20131101_142455.jpg
    But some one must have wanted it pretty bad cause when I woke up one sunday morning, my bike was gone off my second story balcony where i kept it. All that remained was a ladder (probably stolen too) leaning up against the railing.
  11. Leroybrown420

    Leroybrown420 Member

    Sucky. At least you wont have a problems identifying your bike, if it's ever found. It's one of a kink for sure.

    Good Luck on your next build.
  12. TREK820

    TREK820 New Member

    Why the hell would someone steal others people hard work?>?!!!??

    that is just really really scummy to be able to do that.

    I hope they catch the thief and return your bike in one piece.