First bike done

Just thought id show some pics of my first bike. Got the motor last night it was a bit of a squeese but all went alright just took it for the first ride ran perfect cant wait to go for another ride :D


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Wow!......that's a tight fit!
I'm no expert, but could you not eliminate the chain tensioner? Or will it still rub on the bar? That's a question I would like the others here to elaborate on. I'm learning as we go here. Question would be........."if it does not rub do you still need the tensioner"
I just took it off and it doesn't hit any thing. i don't know why i put it on:???:
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Great job and perfect fit. The one piece of advice I have is about the CDI. Like me (as far as I could tell) you only used one zip tie. You might put one just around the bar just below the CDI, or use a dot of adhesive or 2 sided tape under the CDI. Mine sild down into until it rested against the muffler and melted to death. Anything to prevent it from sliding down.
I love the look of a new motor on a new bike.
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Lookin good, nice job. Might want to consider moving the cdi, as it will likely cause havok with your speedo. I like the color scheme, it all goes well together.
Nice Job , just look over any minor details, Like mentioned of the CDI straps, Zip tie those wires away from your muffler. Wrap the connecters with electrical tape to avoid water. Also use some kind of silicone and use were the spark plug wire goes in the CDI also to avoid water. Keep in mind all this is optional, it doesn't have to be done but its up to you. also make sure you keep checking all your bolts and screws. 1 more thing with the idler pulley, it looks like it isn't even being used, if you are planning on using it slide it back about an inch or two twords the back sprocket. Make sure your idler wheel is in its lowest position before you slide it back to avoid the wheel to come loose from riding and sliding down. Good luck with your new build
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oh and by the way look into a stronger fuel shutoff valve, if you pant leg gets caught on the lever it is more and likely going to snap off, very cheap made.