First Bike is Runnin!!!

:eek:Man this thing is fast!!!

Got myself a Bridgestone mountain bike of some sort and Skyhawk II engine kit (huasheng engine). Bike is defenitely not finished. The stock muffler doesn't fit at all, so a custom design is on the way. Paint and wire/cable organization to come next.

Currently the ride is very rough, but that's what I get for not having a suspension. Gearbox is very loud (as some have said before), currently I"m running disc brake grease in the gearbox. Also the stock muffler is useless above idle ( think I'm ****ing off the neighbors :D).

More pics to come of fit and finish as well as some of the various tweaks (dual brake lever mods).


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nice, but from the pics that chain is wayyyyyyyy 2 slack take out some links or you wont have a bike to ride the chain will bind up or break if i flys up and gets caught on somthin edit nevermind i looked at the 1st pic again looks very cool though a pull start must be nice lol
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now that is a nice fit...yes, fast is a good way to describe the horizontal-shaft 4-stroke :eek:

keep us posted :)
Some suspension forks shouldn't be too hard to find for that bike. Those, and a good seat and you'll be cruising.
BRAVO! Does your feet clear the engine when pedalling? I love that mount.
Leg clearance

I specifically mounted the engine high in the frame so that my feet would clear. This however did not solve the problem of my left knee rubbing against the transmission. Wearing jeans helps to keep the burns down to a minimum :D

The mount consists of a chromoly tube welded level on the bike, then I took the provided engine mount and welded that to the tube. (Okay, my welding genius friend did that :D). It is quite a sturdy mount.

Also I got myself a proper seat. What a difference a little gel padding can make !!
LOL, a good seat can make all the diff. That is a fast looking motor. One bit of advice I've heard around the fourm is that it's not particulary safe having quick release wheels. Also switching from knobby to slick tires will take out some of the bumpyness. Cool ride. Have fun!
Neat, thats a quality bike. Convenient pull start is a nice touch. Were do you get them engines from.