First Bike is Runnin!!!

:eek:Man this thing is fast!!!

Got myself a Bridgestone mountain bike of some sort and Skyhawk II engine kit (huasheng engine). Bike is defenitely not finished. The stock muffler doesn't fit at all, so a custom design is on the way. Paint and wire/cable organization to come next.

Currently the ride is very rough, but that's what I get for not having a suspension. Gearbox is very loud (as some have said before), currently I"m running disc brake grease in the gearbox. Also the stock muffler is useless above idle ( think I'm ****ing off the neighbors :D).

More pics to come of fit and finish as well as some of the various tweaks (dual brake lever mods).


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The whole kit was purchased from Overall, good kit, the transmission is defenitely loud and the provided exhaust only really fits beach cruiser style bikes, but for $330 it's hard to do better IMO.