First bike is up and running!!! But with a couple problems...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by codyel, May 21, 2009.

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    So I finally got my first bike going and I have to say it was a **** of a lot more work than I originally expected.

    My bike wasn't really prime for mounting, so I had to mod the sh** out of it to make it work. Maybe I can get some future suggestions from the forum community for the next bike.

    First, my engine is a 49cc. I don't think anything bigger than that is legal without a motorcycle license here in CA. My bike is an everyday kind of casual bike. Cheap and nothing special.

    My down tube is about 1 7/8" wide, which was my first dilemma. I ended up pinching it down to the 1.5" required, which I'm sure I'll pay for eventually. This set off a small chain reaction of other **** I had to do to the motor including: Welding about a 1" piece of pipe to the exhaust to make it clear the frame and the pedals, which in turn got oil spitting out the sides of the hole from the motor. I've put a grip of liquid gasket around it, but a tiny bit is still spitting out.

    It was a pretty big nightmare and I can post some pictures up with the damages soon. Its ugly, albeit functional. I also had a problem with the spark plug cap from the CDI actually NOT fitting on the spark plug... WTF right? I jimmy'd it to work without the cap but I digress...

    My questions to the community is A) How much would a bike frame suffer from pinching in a section about a 1/4"? B) Is a tiny bit a oil spitting out the connection from the motor to the exhaust gonna supremely f*** up my ride? and C) How else could I build a proper mount for a larger tube than what I have in the future?

    As far as the mounting issue goes, I noticed on these guys bikes They seem to have built a pretty nice little mounting rig (. Does anybody know if these are sold on their own or how easy it is to build from scratch? (Their bikes are amazing BTW...)

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    Yep, those are nice motor mounts. And they do have them for sale. At $174.00, list price.

    They make nice bikes, no doubt about that. But those prices are ridiculous. I doubt if we're their target market.

    This is water under the bridge. But there are better ways to get a motor mounted than the one you chose. You can find them by searching.

    Your frame might or might not be okay, more or less. I'd be gentle with it. And watch it closely.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Thanks guys. Yeah I do plan on keeping a close watch on the integrity of the frame.

    And yeah Ridley's complete prices are ridiculous and their motor prices are just plain robbery.
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    In Ca you can use up to a 149cc before you need a M1. To ride these you do need a M2 or a permit. You'll also need a head/tail light and a horn and register it "one time fee $19". There's a thread in the laws and legislation thread. Someone I just talked to the other day got a ticket for not having his M2.

    A. I'm really not to sure, suppose it would depend on what the frame is made of.
    B. short term likely not much, but if oil is getting through then air likely is, which isn't good.
    C. For future, livefastmotors sells a 2" mount or you can buy a muffler clamp and make your own.
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    Weird. I have a friend who's a San Diego motor cop and he said as long as it has pedals, doesn't go over 30mph, and I wear a helmet, I should be fine...

    I'll run that by him just in case. Thanks for the help.

    Do you know how much by chance the ticket was for?
  7. Shadeslay

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    I'm not positive but I think it was around $80
  8. Mountainman

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    Ca motorized bike laws are still the same

    I was just to a Ca DMV yesterday
    plate required -- yes
    no head light or tail light -- no stop light -- no horn
    that's the way in which I read it -- it's pretty plain

    the DMV book says that a license is not needed for an elect MB
    but -- it does not say that one is needed for a gas MB
    although the Ca Highway Patrol web site does say that for gas a license is needed

    grabed a new motorcycle book which explains
    same as the old book

    Ca appears to be very MB friendly

    so as to ride that MB thing
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  9. Mountainman

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    in Lakeside -- next to San Diego

    I have two e-mails from the pooolice stating the exact same THING as above
    plus in their e-mails sent to me -- they state that no drivers license is required
    I think that they were wrong with that one but that's what both said...

    one e-mail is from The Commander of The San Diego Sheriff Dept -- that's where I live
    the other e-mail is from the Traffic Dept of Corona Police Dept -- LA

    I would be willing to share said pooolice e-mails at this time with anyone requesting
    but -- I would not plaster them on any internet web site
    contact through PM if interested or needed

    PS regarding the above once more
    motor cops know traffic rules -- very well
    my father was a pooolice motor cycle cop for many years in Alabama
    in most cases they specialize in traffic

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    Need pictures.
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    You have to take the "cap" off the spark plug, you just unthread it from the spark plug. I wish someone could explain why this is, but it is what it is.
  12. Shadeslay

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    You may be right here's the thread I've been going by, has some links. I lost the thread with the CHP regulations, which states you need a mirror, stop light and turn signals. Seeing CHP only patrols freeways and highways and these aren't allowed on freeways. I assume you need those for highways. They are all pretty cheap to get, much cheaper then a ticket. That being said you can probably get away with out most of the stuff listed, but the only way to be sure you won't get a ticket is too have it all.
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