first bikemotor disaster...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by trex65ghia, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I bought my motor from King Bikes last week. When i got it i was suprised at just how cheap it was made. Really poor metal quality but the price reflects this. I have had bike motors in the past but they were used and ran just fine. After spending an hour installing i tried to start a noticed the clutch was slipping. There was no compression. I took the head of and saw that the manufacturer had painted the head without covering exhaust and intake holes. YES they painted the piston to the cylinder. I could not break it free without removing.. Its been 5 days and NOBODY callled me back from king Bikes... I want either my money back or for them to send me a new head piston and rings.... I shouldnt have to tear into engin on first day...what do you think?

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    And who are you, how long have you been riding and where are you from?

    It's like a coworker comes to you on his first day and starts asking you if you can help him fix his truck, introduce yourself first.

    If I were you, I'd post this in the 2 stroke section, and make a vendor review on Kings Motorbikes.

    As far as what I think - Kings Motorbikes has a limited warranty on their motors, if you install it and put gas in it your warranty is void, so while they may be morally compelled to help you, they are by no means required to.

    Regardless, welcome to MBc whoever you are whereever you're from.
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    excuse me...

    Wow.... I'm sorry for my ignorance in internet forum protocol. My name is Travis and i live in New Orleans. I've been tinkering with motorcycle, cars and aircraft for 20 plus years professionally. I have owned 2 bike motors in the past but this was my first bought new. I wasn't really asking for anybody to fix anything. I also agree that i should start a thread concerning KingBikes but could not until i went to the firs timers thread...
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    Cool, nice to meet you Travis, welcome to the forums. :D
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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry you got a bum motor.
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    I suppose a vendor orders a certain number of engines from an overseas factory. They put them on a shelf and send them to a buying customer without actually looking inside the engine.

    So now an engine that was made badly (in a factory with poor quality control) gets through the distributor and into the hands of the consumer.

    I'm not competent to say whether the vendor must (legally) make it right or not. But I would think that an honest vendor wouldn't ignore the issue.

    You should contact them and explain the issue and see what they have to say.

    Good luck.