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    here are some pics of a bike my son grew up with . I purchaced it for him in 1993 . He was 10 yrs old .It sat unused for many years after he grew up . Now I can use it for fun . It runs pretty good and I put a swing back set of handlebars on it and I manufactured a setback seatclamp on it to give it a more comfy ride .

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  2. kcmcf

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    very nice looking build
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    Cool! Congats!
    A little warning about those racks. Don't overload them! Mine broke a $50 suspension seat post. I had only 15-20 lbs. on it and it was 3 in. above the frame.
  4. Scottm

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    Looks cool! You might hide it from your son when he comes over, he might want it back now that's it's improved.
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    thanks for the heads up . did you like the suspension seatpost would you remember what brand it was ? did it really improve the bump factor ? .................................... my bad hair day has lasted a decade .
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    Its was great. I also have a full bike there is very little difference in the ride. When it s coupled with suspension forks. When I got there was no tags, so I got it for $7 at D i c k's sporting goods. (The auto censor tried to hide the store's name! LOL!) I want to say it was a KM_? That one was aluminum, my e-zip has a steel one. Which also works great. I bet its outsourced. I would search for a steel one. Steel would be cheaper and stronger. I would also highly recommend getting suspension forks. You don't have to get high dollar RST downhills with 10 feet of travel. Just get the cheapest steel ones. They are good enough to handle the grates, potholes & cracks in the street. I've seen them online as cheap as $20-30. Take care of your butt! You only have one and it already has a hole in it!
  7. I spit coffee all over my keyboard when I read that.

    I saw that they had the suspension seat posts at "Richard's" sporting goods for $24.99. They come with a shim to fit most seat post sizes. It's my next pay day purchase, after my 5 mile stint around town my fat butt is sore.:shock:

    Darn Massachusetts roads, you'd think with the taxes I pay they'd be in better condition. :cry:
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    I busted out in laughter! Had to stifle it quickly wife is sleeping!

    That may be the one was the tag dark blue? Wasn't much left of my tag. Did it 2 shims and each one step up a few sizes? I came up $35-50 from looking at similar at Yahoo Shopping. I have to go back to "Richard's" sporting goods (LOL). To see if they are in stock. One is only a mile away. :p :)

    NH tax system sticks. All from property tax and it makes the mortgage payment $300-400 more. Way more than I paid in MO & IL in sales and income tax. I call NH the "Live Free When You Die" state!
  9. richards

    The brand was "Aventura" or something like that, I only saw one shim, but there could have been more. I admit I looked only quickly, knowing that if I looked more closely I'd have been walking out with it, as is I walked out with more than I intende3d going in for.

    Packaging was gray and orange.
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    I strapped a pillow to the seat for now . this could start a new trend . When I get the chance to tear it down i am going to go with the suspension seat post and front forks with springs . The Amish here in northern indiana have just damaged the roads to much for a ridged frame bike and an old spine to enjoy . ................old age ain't for sissies .