First build: 48cc two stroke bike

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    hi, my names klinpe

    im building my first time 48cc two stoke bike.
    not sure what kind of bike ill use can any one give me any pointers.


    two stroke
    chain driven
    hand clutch
    rear wheel drive etc

    all the standed stuff:-|

    also i have a normal Honda 22GX four stoke motor from a wiper snipper, could this be mounted on a BMX and how!

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    Hi Klinpe. Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.
    Go to the photos section. This may give you lots of ideas. Just hang out and read all of the posts. Its all personal preference, and how much money you have.

    General request to all new members.
    Please, before posting any questions, do a search. Then READ,READ,READ.
    There is a ton of information here. Many of your engine and performance issues in the Garage & Tech/Mech Help have already been covered. Here at MBc we are the home of nearly all MoteredBike questions. If you search and are unable to find your answer, don't hesitate to post your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    Here's a great post link to get you started.
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    I have a BMX... but it's not a traditional BMX. It's got full suspension. I wouldn't be able to ride a bike without full suspension, or at least front suspension. You can definitely mount any motor you'd like to the rear of a regular BMX, but you better have smooth roads everywhere, because that's where you're going to be riding.

    I have a preference for automatic clutches with double freewheels & for rack-mounted setups. I bought my bike with these both on it, however, they are two of the hardest things to assemble yourself with no detailed plans... so expect to do a little work in setting them up.

    For the easiest & prolly best way out considering what you're working with... I'd also consider getting a kit from GEBE since you've already got the engine.

    This link is in that guide graucho posted:
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    All the best

  7. klinpe

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    Thanks for the tips

    i was also woundering if putting a small air pod filter on a 48cc two stoke,increase the power also larger exhaust system?


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    But of course!
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    Welcome to MBC!!!
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    hello and welcome to MBc! good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring!
  11. WELCOME to MBc! You've made it home.
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    Hi every one its klinpe

    Previously i bought a 48cc two stroke motor kit, ill post some pictures of the making soon, thanks for the help..
  13. klinpe

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    VIDEO comming soon

    hi all

    my moped is all built, had a couple of problems on the way but its all up and running, ill post an address of the video some time soon, its prety good for a first time build, thanks for the help.....:grin: