First build a success

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    First build a success!!!!!

    I bought a walmart huffy for my first build july 1st the day after my motor kit arrived.First run the chain snapped (chinese crap lol) I had a spare from a built bike the guy butchered and went to total crap which is what inspired me to build one.The spare chain was heavier and larger. I went to and oredered the low profile 415 chain as the larger chain was hitting inside the sprocket housing.I checked on my chain this monday and lynn was so insightful and informative not to mention she will talk your ear off about these things if you have the time.Lol, I like that woman she's fantastic! I fully intend to do business with her again. She has a great line of parts and makes time to answer any questions,good people to do business with.Thank you lynn I'll be in touch soon.

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    Good lookin cruiser. I like the clamp-on cargo rack on your motorbike. I don't think I have seen one of those on a cruiser frame before. it looks very clean. Great idea.
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    mod a better clamp for the front fender for your safety. vibrations from the engine destroy the stock clamps. i have cracked both clamps front and rear on my front fender got stuck to the wheel after it cracked and i flew a good 10 feet or so and after 2 min the bike also landed ontop of me....i now only keep a rare fender on my bike for fear of repeating this event.