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    Hello everyone!

    My name's John, and I'm a college student who just recently lost his car (poor thing finally bit the dust after 222,000 miles).

    I live only 6 miles from school, so looking around at other means of transportation I came across motorized bicycles. Needless to say, it was love at first sight!!

    So I'm planning on building a motorized bike which will be my only means of transportation. After doing some research and stuff here's what I've decided on:


    Motor: (The F80 version)

    I know I've heard of replacing spark plugs and wires, the kill switch, and the hardware on "china" engines. Is this engine considered a china engine? What other upgrades or modifications will I need to make to the bike itself?


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    Here is a good read for the newbie, go thru the whole post and you'll find great info to get started. Welcome to the forum.
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    Wallmart Schwinn... I usually just say no to anything Wally World but $165 steel frame may hold up well so long as that back wheel does.

    Here are some tips:

    I don't know about the front motor mount on a DAX but whatever it is DO NOT DRILL THE FRAME TO MOUNT IT WITH A BOLT!
    Dumbest things ever.
    If it won't fit get yourself a SickBikeParts front HD bracket mount for like $15.

    When you get the bike flip it over and take both wheels off.
    Then mix up some good Epoxy (not JB weld) and put some on every single fender bracket mount on the underside.
    The vibration from the motor will break all those cheesy thin fender mounts in short order.

    Your biggest challenge will be mounting the drive sprocket to the 7-speed wheel.
    The hub is so small you won't be able to get a good 'eying it' to center the sprocket.
    THE most critical part of a direct build is that rear sprocket be perfectly aligned in 2 directions on the wheel itself, and then in the 3rd direction to the sprocket on the motor.
    This is where many 1st timers fail and then try 'fixing it' with some of most bizarre tensioner type stuff you have seen opposed to just getting the sprocket right to start with.

    Since I don't have a stand yet we just put the pedal side axle end on a table, hold the other end and spin the wheel and look with 4 eyes.
    If it wobbles 'back and forth' or 'up and down' you will throw chains, period.

    If ANY of those are off much you will have problems forever.
    I highly recommend you get a friend to help with that part.
    My shop mate and I with the help of a drill with a 10mm socket for the outside and 10mm wrench to hold the nut on the inside we have it down to a science and can usually get a sprocket mounted true in all 3 directions in less than 1/2 an hour.

    I recommend you get the sprocket trued up with just like 5 snug bolts first then put in your already upside down bike, flip it and mount the motor.
    Thread your chain through the motor to the sprocket and look, you will find you are going to have to cut your fat fender for it fit by.
    Just get your sharpie and mark where the fender needs cut and cut it with tin snips at the high side and bend the rest in and with just 5 or bolts see if it aligns with the motor.
    If not you may need to cup that rear sprocket out or a variety of other things to get it aligned with motor sprocket

    Those are the biggies, good luck with your build and welcome to the forum ;-}
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    Thank you very much for the info! :)

    Will those fenders seriously get in the way?
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