First build and thanks all for the help!

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    Hey all,

    Just got my first mb put together yesterday and have been loving it. Always wanted a "bike with a motor on it" ever since I was biking as a kid and thought there had to be a better way. I came across these forums last week and realized its not such a big deal to build. I received a lot of help about what to choose and how to do it from these boards. Just from reading the posts already out there. Thanks for that!

    Went with a staton kit with the eho35 engine from robin subaru. Started the assembly stopwatch at 1pm and by 5pm was motoring through the parking lot. It took a little longer since I installed on a bmx bike and the support rods were too long to work. I had to find a machine shop to cut them down to size. Also my bmx bike had no holes in the frame for a rack so my guy at the shop drilled some of tho$e too. Haha.

    The assembly works great. You really do zip around with that engine! Way faster than I could ever pedal the bike. I am in Atlanta and am using the bike to get around the city to run errands and such.

    I have a coat of paint drying on the subaru engine cover and brackets so I'll post pics soon as that stage of the project is done.

    Ordered my Kit Thursday night and had it in my hands Wednesday afternoon. Quite acceptable.

    Had that kid on Christmas feeling when it showed up!

    The locals have been going nuts over it. In a good way.

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    Well done !