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    Been riding bikes for years. Now I'm laughing at the wind as I motor on. My Kent cruiser w/ hs 142 belt primary to shift kit drivin 34 cassette is sooo much fun. Thanks forum. I'm an old man enjoying my meger retirement. Annnd am computer dumb. Gonna go to the library see if they can help me upload pics. I understand why so many have build one,two.... I just ordered the 79cc from hf. for build 2...:) Got a far I have reached 24..but can cruise at 18 in 4th with little vibs. 1st gear take offs no prob. Hills, overpasses ha. Think adjust the valves an change plugs according to what I've read in post. I,LL be back.

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    Welcome to the forum! Your intro is interesting.
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    Thanks old enough to remember laugh-in..."very interesting"..i picked up a MX 500 razor mc. Gotta go to electric threads and see if a razor 500 motor is worth investing in
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    Rowan and Martins 'Laugh-In', Goldie Hawn was just a teen on that show, she has been my 'fantasy girl' ever since but that is neither here nor there it just dates my age.

    All mounting and support parts for HF are up to you including a transfer case.

    I had lots of other parts I just for much of it, but it was still expensive.



    It did rock however and still on the road.
    And just a note, ~25HPH top is a joke unless of course it is geared to climb telephone poles ;-}
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    Hey and seen alot of your nice clean builds! Sooo that 79 hf has some nice torque?? I'll build my own mounting..which will not look as clean as milled factory stuff,but I enjoy the challenge. My Kent has engine and js on the same plate. Tight changing oil though.:-/ Into the wind!!
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    Ya, pretty decent torque and the Q-matic transfer case is solid.
    They have a special one for the 79cc.
    If memory serves it is just another set of motor mount holes to avoid an engine part.

    So you didn't use a sick bikes JS kit?
    I'd like to see what you did as I am working on a similar project.
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    See the del rio in 'introduce yorself. Along with 'orange crate a 79 pred build.
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    My js set up...i finally learn to post pics.

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    The belt primary

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    I love a little 4-stroke shifter too.

    I see no clutch, you using a pulley leverage system to engage it?

    I have developed a similar shifting system.
    The 10G KCK Long Shaft transfer case for the HS 142F and 144F engines.

    20T bearing mounted centrifugal clutch primary.
    100T freewheeling secondary with a 120mm long keyed output shaft and 9T sprocket.



    My own base with adjustable output carrier bearing support and chain tensioner.
    SickBikeParts bottom bracket/freewheel cranks.


    That is a Fito 7-speed bike, it does 45mph with a skinny young guy bent down and tucked in on flat ground, that being my new helper.

    Recommended Performance Upgrades:

    Adjust valves to start and again after ~1/2 hour of operation.
    Install an NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium plug.
    Ditch the stock exhaust and use anything else, even a semi-gutted 2-stroke pipe.

    Nice innovation Kgyrobotron!