First Build--Board Tracker, almost there

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by dbower22, May 11, 2008.

  1. dbower22

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  2. zenith

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    A lot of 'Panache'.
    That largish tank looks right at home.
    Favor us with more shots when done.
  3. HoughMade

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    I like it...of course I'm biased towards the board track look.
  4. ocscully

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  6. dbower22

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    i bought the tank used from a guy in N.Carolina, but I think HoughMade is right about it being from general moped and derringer cycles being hideously overpriced.
  7. hellbilly

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    Nice job! I really like your work on that. Have fun riding.
  8. olddude

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    Whats a darringer bike go for ???
  9. HoughMade

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  11. sjackson

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    I have to admit I'm jealous. I've been looking for that tank for a while now. I can only find them on parts bikes, and nobody wants to sell me just the tank.
  12. dbower22

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    the tanks are around, you just have to keep looking. one just went on ebay for 60 dollars about a two weeks ago, so they're not that expensive either. i'll keep my eye out and let you guys know if i find one.
  13. olddude

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    bike prices$$

    I m asking $4,400 for my orange flying ace
  14. sjackson

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    Yeah I've been checking every day basically. I'm contemplating fabricating something out of fiberglass. I'm really close to just making a plug to pull a mold from. I don't have the engine kit yet, but I do have the bike, so I can start on that at least. I'd do it out of metal but I have no welding skills.
  15. sjackson

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    Yeah, but your bikes are a lot more than a schwinn frame with a moped tank strapped to it, so $4400 is pretty reasonable.
  16. butch27

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    If you make a fiberglass one it may get eaten out by the gas. The factory tanks that we think are fiberglass are different composates like urathane etc. I have thought of making a mold of my Simplex tank but need to check into ti more.
  17. dbower22

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    well just an opinion i guess.
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  18. sjackson

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    No, don't get me wrong. I love what you're doing with your bike and actually want to emulate it. But I'm also assuming that your cost wasn't $3500 like the Derringers. I'm sorry if that came across as an insult. Yours is one of the bikes that really made me want to get into this. I saw it before I even knew about the Derringers and was actually shocked at what they charge.
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  19. sjackson

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    Boats, planes and old Nortons use fiberglass tanks. They're coated on the inside. It's entirely possible to do. My biggest concern isn't the gas attacking the fiberglasss, but actually the fiberglass cracking from stress. I have to make sure to do extra strength lay ups near the mounting points... If I can't find a tank I like and end up doing it, I'll be sure to take pictures.
  20. Derriger pricing?

    Guys, I sell a custom framed Model 10 with new Whizzer power, all powder-coated, WorksMan wheels, best of everything for that and a bit less.

    Go Figure?