First build. Do u think it will work?

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  1. Juwalantz

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    This is my first build. My carb would not fit so I took a piece of tubing about five inches long and put it between the motor and the carb. So now my carb sits outside of the frame. Do u think that adding the additional length to the intake is going to cause problems.

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    Welcome to MBc. About the extra length of tubing...I think it is all gonna depend on what sort of tubing it is, and what sort of seal you have on each end. It reminds me of the Dodge Muscle cars with the "Ram Induction 4-bble Carbs". It sure worked for them. But, they were precisely engineered manifolds. What you have is a similar set-up. Lord only knows if it will work or not. If it does, you will see a significant boost in power and HP...if it doesn't work, the last thing you will hear is a loud 'hissing noise' from the leaks around the connections between the tubing and metal before the final ball of fire hits between your legs. Good Luck. And again, welcome to the MBc.
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    Fired right up. And I think it runs great. I would guess it's running about 25 miles per hour. No problems idling or nothing. I used a clear peice of tubing. Kind of cool to see fuel leave the carb and go into the motor. I got the tubing at the local hardware store. Nothing special it was on a big roll, u just buy it by the foot. So if anyone ever has a motor that fits in the bike but carb does not, just add some length to the intake and put the carb on the side of the bike. Looks good and works good. I will post a pic in the near future
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    carb tube

    Just keep an eye on it to make sure it isn't getting soft. unless it's rated for gas, it might eat it. (or it might not.)
    BIG RED.
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    I did a similar thing with my intake. Its works fine but looks kinda thrown together imo. Im waiting on a actual offset intake tube in the mail right now to fix her up right.