First build: Does everything look correct

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  1. This is my first build; and it has taken herculean effort to get this far. I have taken a few links out of the chain but it still seems too long, at the same time it seems that removing one more link would make it too short to fit. I have tried to ride it with the chain set the length in the pics, with the tensioner correctly installed (not just hand-tighten to the frame like in the pic) and the chain jumped off before I even got on to peddle.

    I later filed (sharpened) the the teeth the best I could with an illegitimate child file. Haven't ridden since the filing, but I'm told it really helps.

    Also, is the wiring correct? I choose the interrupt the flow of electricity approach over the ruin the magneto approach.

    Please not the pic with my fingers pinching the chain. I'm trying to show the amount of slack left in the tensioned chain. I also want to know if the sprocket is on even. The circular scratch is from holding a nail at a constant distance from the sprocket. It has been trued, Oh yea.

    This thing is so close to running it's scary

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    It happens often, can you try to slightly re-position/improvise the engine ?
    Like try moving the back mount down and and the front up slightly.

    Yep, but from the pic it looks as if the wires go close over the exhaust ?
  3. I was hoping you'd say "shorten the chain." To get the engine to fit I had to bend the 2 studs that hold it to the wide down tube, something tells me the engine won't fit in another position with out removing the loctited studs etcs. A major pain. A simple solution is best.

    Yes, the wires touch the exhaust. I will secure them to avoid the exhaust or if that doesn't work; where can I find the heat proof sheathing like the stuff that came covering the 2 engine wire?
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    Ok, easy one first,
    You can get the wire cover stuff from electronics shop and use cable ties to secure it away from the exhaust.

    As far as your engine mounting goes, someone else may be able to help you better cos I have not worked on those type of frames, yet. But I have got one in the waiting, one day.
    However, if the bike tubes are wider than the mount, I think you may have to fabricate some plates and U-bolt exhaust clamps. Mount the engine onto the plates and secure using the U-Bolt exhaust clamps onto the frame. I'm assuming though, so ask others first and get a 2nd opinion.

    there is a member who is making custom mounts for cruiser frames similar to yours. Look up Creative Engineering is probably a better bet. ( which is what I will use for my Cruiser, one day)
    But in no way one has to bend the mount studs outwards in order to make them fit.
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    I had to remove the studs and get 2 inch long bolts for the mount [see pic] I also removed five links in my chain.You may have more or less but you have way too much slack in that chain.I also did this on a cruiser frame and not a mountain bike.

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    Safety is always first....

    There is way too much slack in the pictures for the chain.

    The last thing you want is to have that come off at speed and hit the rear spokes, or worse... YOU!