First build - Everything I Need


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4:16 AM
Jul 28, 2008
Hi guys! My first HT kit arrives tomorrow or the next and I was wondering what I should have. Everything from tools, to safety, to accessories. I want to know what I should go out and get before I start my build before it arrives. I want it to go as smoothly and as fast as possible and be prepared.
first off get a helmet, so you aren't tempted even a little bit to ride without.

Then for tools:
combination wrenches, metric
ratchet and sockets- metric
blue loctite
good set of allen wrenches metric
adjustable wrench

you can get most of the tools you need at a cheap place, normally I'm all about buying good tools here and there as money allows but if you have to go all out and buy everything at once, you may as well buy a cheap set. I picked up a set of english and metric sockets,an adjustable wrench, screwdriver and a ratchet for $20. It's in expensive and won't stand up to hard use, BUT I got a good assortment of sockets in a practical little case.

I would splurge on a good set of allen wrenches with LONG reach... That's my next paycheck splurge...