First Build for Proline20

Man, you people here have some really awesome rides!!!
Here is my no cost build - a friend had a bumble bee bolt-on bracket and I used my 1998 homelite 25cc weedwhacker. The 25 had low compression and wasn't enough uphill for me...So we changed the head/piston/ring to a 30cc. Runs great now, 25mph flat, 20 uphill, 35 downhill. My buddy even has a homelite installed in his canoe - straight shaft inboard tunnel hull modification.
MB is more fun than should be allowed! Charlie


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Your friend could sure sell a BUNCH of those bracket sets if he wanted to!
Great build. I love the home brew stuff. Show us some more closeups and how the bracket works before you get it patented :)
Thanks for sharing that cool ride.
Patented already by the bumble bee guy.
I've got enough engine parts to build another 25cc with complete top end spare parts for both my 30 and the new 25. I'm considering mounting the 25 on the front for kicks as a backup for long rides. Either that, or carry in my front basket with tools... Anyone ever hear of 2 motors on a bike?