First Build from Cincinnati

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    Just put a 80 cc grubee skyhawk motor on my bike. Had to drill hole to mount motor and I was off on my mark so I had to drill another hole about 1/2 inch up. :icon_cry: My bike has 1 1/8" Aluminum frame. Is there anything I can do to keep my frame frome splitting from drilling 2 hole right where the motor is mounted?
    My motor has about 20 miles on it. I am useing ECHO 2 cycle oil from home depot at about a 18-1 mix. I started with a 20-1 mix then added a little more oil to the gas tank and shook. After 3 or 4 miles of riding the bike starts to bog down. It wont start easy anymore. I had to get home with half choke. I now have a new filter and kreem for the tank but have not installed yet. Dose anybody think the oil mix is the problem or do I need to adjust my carb some how?? The instrctions say the air and jeting screws are both epoxyed, how do you adjust???
    These bikes are AWSOME!!!!! with motors. I hope to get many more once I work out all the bugs with this one.:grin5: