First Build from Florida

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  1. My first build is complete, and with help from all the members it started within the first few pedals, again because of some of the posts, like putting a oring in carbie, setting needle, adjusting clutch, grinding sprocket, and of course threadlock EVERYTHING. I spent quite a while prepping engine before even mounting in bike, ALL allen capscrews, grinding mating surfaces for manifold and exhaust (man were they off, and pitted). Got 10 miles in today and well on the way to breakin. Thanks Again for all the help....

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  2. snif...Another Happy Time ready to see many miles from a caring owner. If that's not nirvana I dunno what is.

    HEY! What up with that air cleaner? That's cool looking.
  3. Ghost0

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    That is what it is all about.

    Do you find your clutch difficult to pull? I noticed you used the extra spring. I don't use it, it makes the clutch lever too difficult to pull. IMHO there is enough spring in the clutch for a good return without it.
  4. That the air cleaner it came with Large...The clutch is hard but I didnt think that spring made that much of a difference. I will try w/o tomorrow, thanks Ghost... P.S. Looking forward to that jackshaft kit....
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    A fine looking bike, misterlight.
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    I use the extra large clutch spring to guard the cable against melting against the head. Just shove it forward of the cable guide a few inches ...
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    Graucho, that is a fine looking clutch cable sheath, stop and pulley.

    Nice work.
  9. Scottm

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    Good work. Taking your time like you did in building really pays off, you are proof.
  10. Upgrades

    Bike is running fine. Since my build I have replaced plug,wire, and cap, extended clutch arm for easier pull, installed 50t sprocket (old age, no need to go fast anymore), quality fuel line and filter, and tubing in the head and cylinder fins (does make it queiter).
    Thanks for all the help and posts.....

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