First build, Going to need help!

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    I read about theese bikes and I've gotta make one, I've been making plans and i'm ready to get started I just have a few questions.

    I'm starting the build on a Schwinn stingray chopper.
    I'm picking up the bike for $30 so I thought i'd give building it into a motored bike a try.

    I've read alot that says the Barry mount is the best and I feel getting his pipe would also be a good step. I also like that I wouldn't have to mess with chain tensioners.

    I've also read that I'll need to find a longer chain for the stingray's longer frame. Any ideas on the best place to find these?

    Finally, the motor. I can't seem to get a clear idea on the best motor. I live in FL where it is very flat. So I know i don't need a crazy toothed sprocket right? Also as far as hub adapters go, after i've gotten the Barry's motor mount, will i need the hub adapter that livefast motors supplies?

    I hear that live fast motors are junk? Any remarks on that? sells the skyhawk motor on sale right now for $150would this motor work for barry's motor mount and exhaust pipe?

    I think i've got alot of this build planned but my motor is still sort of a mystery. =/

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    welcome :)
    I have done 4000 miles in 1 year on a livefast engine (azvinnie is now running it in one of his stretch choppers)
    their hub adapters are easy to use as well