First Build, have a few questions


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7:21 AM
Jul 6, 2022
I'm still juggling my options between the YD100 and PK80 and I have that exact same mindset regarding the speed but just thought the YD100 ran a little stronger. I am primarily looking for reliability, is the PK80 known to be substantially more reliable? Also, I've seen some people discuss ceramic lined cylinders(specifically looking at the Zeda 80's), but I never see that in the description/specifications, pretty much just referenced on a forum post.

Lastly, you previously recommended this and it has Super in the title, but looking at CDHPowers website, they have a very similar build to that but without Super in the title. After scouring the forums I can't get a real definitive answer, and many people would just chalk it up to marketing gimmicks. Any insight on that? I wouldn't mind paying $15 more for a little more performance/reliability, but I also like the idea of purchasing directly from CDHPower's website. has had phenomenal customer service through Amazon, they stay true to the warranty so if something goes wrong they'll fix it it's saved my butt a couple times especially with the phantom 85