first build ideas, input welcome

I am planning a first build. I currently use 2 different ebikes and while I like them, there are speed power and range limitations that I think a gas bike will solve.
I don't want to do a standard build and I want to push the limits of motored bike building and possibly expand it to a business model including an illustrated e-book and possibly a building and consulting business after I build and refine it. Therefore I am going to throw out my preliminary ideas and see what everyone thinks.
This is what I want build:
Frame: cruiser or downhill mountain type, hard tail with disc brake fittings and fender and tail rack compatabile
Fork, spring or pneumatic suspension with disc brake fittings wide for wide tires and hardware for a front rack and fender.
Wheels, wide tubeless or converted to tubeless downhill rated wheel set. Perhaps a hub genny for the front with disc brake compatiblity
Rear: 8 spd shimano internal geared hub with disc brake compatibility
Motor: standard 80 (66) cc chinese motor (would like to get input on brands and supliers for this)
Trans: modified shift kit from SBP and parts from bike motive to allow use of the jack shaft with the front 3 ring gearing. This will require a right side tensioner on the chainstay to keep the chain right since the internal hub only has one sprocket.
Additional components and information:
The shifting of the rear hub will be done through a trigger shifter. The front shifting will be done with a gripshift. Brakes will be off the shelf mechanical cable opperated disc brakes
But, I'm not done: I don't want to use a standard lever for the clutch because I don't like the clutch brake setup with that and I don't like the dual pull brake lever (though its a better option than the standard setup) either. So this is what I am thinking:
Using a modified thumb throttle adapted to lock like a standard clutch lever.
Still not done:
I don't like the tear drop tank on the kits, too cheap, too small, and its in a bad place for the way I ride. So: I'm going to make one of about three gallons capacity out of pvc and build a custom mount to put it on the back, incorporating a tail rack, panniers, fender and lighting.
Still not done:
Lighting: build a small battery bank of six volt batteries with a bank of capacitors or a charge contller to protect against overcharge from the overspeed of the hub genny. Put the battery bank on the front rack in a battery box and a couple bright 6 volt head lights for the main lights to see by. Also a higher mounted less bright lights to be seen by mounted on the handle bar. Also rear lights(brake and tail) and turn signals front and rear. I'm thinking I need a battery for each of my lights since they will all be 6v, but maybe I'm thinking wrong here.
Here's what I want input on:
Suggestions on a good front gear set and derailure
Opinions based on experience or knowledge as to whether the shimano nexus hub gennys and gear hubs will hold up to this.
If the combining the sbp shift kit with parts from bike motive will work to allow the use of the front gearing system or if not if its worth it to use a freehub casset of say 3 to 5 gears in conjunction with the nexus gear hub would be a good way to get a large gear range
If I can use the front gears with the jack shaft and nexus gear hub, what tensioner should I use to keep the chain right?
Gas tank: should I use a bladder if I can find one of the right size? If no or if one can't be found, should I baffle the pvc tank to reduce slosh? Should the tank be tilted slightly toward the spigot to increase fuel flow? What spigots are the best? What lines and filters are best for this set up? Should the PVC be special uv stabilized and or shrouded to protect it?
Recomendations on which chains to use from motor to jack, jack to crankset and crank to wheel.
Suggestions for my electrical system of a hub genny (would love to find a 12v hub genny of good reputation, so if someone knows of one, tell me!) and batteries and other circuitry to control my lights including a good source for 6v lighting for head, tail, brake and signals including switches, lights and wiring.
Ideas on how to adapt a different method of cotrolling the clutch over the standard lever. My idea is a modified thumb throttle made to be lockable, also thinking of a twist throttle handle and using a trigger shift instead of a grip shift and making the throttle handle lockable.
Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.