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    So my license got revoked last December of 2012....Now it has been cancelled....So bc of the fact that I cant drive I decided to go and get a gas powered bike... Last sunday I picked up a complete build about an hour from my house....It ran just barely 1 day....After an entire week of messing with it and trying to do this and that with it, I realized that the Chinese bike frame was not at all compatible to my adjusting....CHINA AND USA are completely off....So I picked up a cheap Huffy today off craigslist for 15 bucks and spent about 5 hours rebuilding everything on it, from the motor to the wheels, you name it, I rebuilt this thing.... Now I have come to conclusion that with gas prices being so high and I have numerous school and college in my city (there are more than 50 schools in my city not including colleges or community college, my area is BIG.... I think I might go and save some money up and invest it buying some of these motors and getting some cheap bikes and continuing with these builds.... Not everyone can drive and in my city, cause its so spread out, most people would want a gas powered bike....

    Anyhow, check out my first build and having to do a rebuild

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    after what the law has put me thru in the past and as to the main reason why i dont have a license is because of the law, nothing at all of what i did...same time im not going to be riding it all over...mainly just on the far right of the road or on the sidewalk...not all over the place i know that....its fun tho, just got to get some lights and im good to go..

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    blasting down sidewalks like a crazed idiot is a good way to **** off granny window looker and have her call the cops on you!!!! the goal you might need to adapt knowing that the cops are LOOKING for motorized bicycles in your state to write tickets on is not to do anything that will cause them to look your way. they do NOT need probable cause to pull you over as the bike your on is not legal for use on public roads in florida.
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    ive been reading up on a lot of information pertaining to the 2 counties i live nearby. if a cop tags me with the speed check and im going under 21 mph then im perfectly fine...any over 21 is considered a traffic violation.... i think im 100%
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    I can get you the actual Florida statutes if you need me too. Florida is tough on motorized bicycles. You must meet moped requirements. Florida's moped laws specifically state no manual clutching or shifting gears by the operator.

    State legislators define a moped as a vehicle fitting all of the following criteria:

    Pedals that allow you to propel the vehicle A seat for the rider Three or fewer wheels Motor of two-brake horsepower or less Maximum speed of 30 mph on level ground Automatic power-drive system Displacement of 50 cc or less (for those with an internal combustion engine)

    Mopeds need to be registered at a county tax collector office. The registration fee is $34.50, and you must renew your registration every year.

    You'll receive a motorcycle plate for your moped. If you're under 21 and the registration is in your name, your plate will have a distinctive design and color.

    Moped drivers need to have at least a Class E driver's license, and be 16 or older to drive a moped on a public road. A motorcycle endorsement isn't required.

    You will not be allowed to ride your moped on bike or foot paths. All passengers under 16 must wear a helmet.

    Moped drivers aren't required to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance.

    Be aware that moped drivers have the same rights and responsibilities as other motorists. And, yes, moped drivers can receive traffic tickets, too.

    You should consider electric assist before you get into more trouble.
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    Everyone needs to relax on these bike laws.... I had a run in today with 2 cops... Zero harassment and zero problems... They were mainly impressed to see the bike
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    This forum is full of horror stories about Florida police harassment. You just got lucky this time. Go electric problem solved.
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    Yesterday I left my thinking cap at home and was chillen at a red light. After the cars had passed I busted the light.... After the light changed for everyone 2 cops passed me. They were behind me the whole time but i didn't check the RVM.... They didn't stop me, but this is in TX :jester: :dunce::tt1:

    Hope you don't get harassed. Gas motors alway freaks ppl out compared to electric- dunno why.