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    So i haven't bought anything yet but ive been planning a build for about a week and today is payday
    i have a few bikes around my house suitable for building but like most things i do i would like to do it RIGHT the FIRST time around

    saying that i would also like to say i have no friggin idea what the right way to build a bike it haha! so good luck to me right?

    i will be starting by buying a TLE43( ) engine which i assume is better than most of the china kits and im getting it for just under a hundred dollars. The next step in my build would be to choose between friction and chain drive. since its known to get a little wet in new york i've opted for the chain...

    thats as far as ive gotten i know where im getting my motor and i have the bikes but i need literally everything else and would appreciate any help anyone could give me .... what parts will i need .....where do i get these other parts (cheap is good) im low on cash atm and have no means of transportation to and from my job but i have a job so upgrades can be made in the future

    Im very excited today was payday i may not have enough to make a kickass bike but i think ill be able to put something together and appreciate any help that comes my way

    flamming me is also accepted if im sounding stupid right now tell me

    bottom line is i need all the parts it takes to make my bike go patatatatatoooooo all the way to the bank whithout breaking the bank

    p.s i have no experience with this sorta thing but my friend nextdoor has a welder and has offered some assistance with welding
    im 19 and an engineering mechi student

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    im not quite surethats my problem lol :confused: