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    ok, so i bought a grubbe skyhawk gt5 for the chain and back sprocket they gave me doesn't fit with sprocket on the engine. so i bought a bigger chain size 41, and it fits perfect on the engine but when i move the bike it pops off the back sprocket on the wheel, and the clutch doesn't ever disengage it stays in the in gauged position.

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    Well, the owners manual on the kit I got says the chain is a 415 so I replaced the chain that came with the kit. I don't know how mine will work yet.

    If the chain is popping off the sprocket it could be one of several problems.

    Sometimes the sprocket needs to be filed so that all of the teeth are the right size. Happened to me on the first kit I got. I don't know if they still have this problem because I switched to a Kings system and I bolt the rear cog to a six bolt disk hub

    You might check to see how your placement of the rag joint is centered correctly. If it off than it could be making it "jump" off the cog.

    The chain may be too loose. This will cause the chain to come off because of the "whipping" that happens when you go from "driving" the rear wheel to "driving the engine when you let up on the throttle. Happened to me after I was going downhill at quite a clip and the chain wrapped around the hub and locked up the tire. I skidded for about twenty feet, but luckily did not blow my rear tire.

    You might check the tension on your clutch cable and see how tight your cable is. It usually takes a good pull on the clutch lever to get it to disengage. There are two places you can tack up the slack, if your kit is the same as mine. first is the feral on the motor and then the one on the lever itself If yours is like mine its got a button on the top so you can leave it engaged at stop lights or when your going downhill.

    I am just setting up a new engine from the same folks, so I will let you know if I encounter the same problems.


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