First build~not going too well =(

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    Hey all,

    I'm having a few problems with my first build and I'm wondering if i could possibly get a bit of help. It's a dax 50cc 2 stroke kit on a 1978 Free Spirit.

    First off, the drive sprocket on the engine is very hard to turn. After i put the chain on it was no longer possible to pedal the bike without holding the clutch all the way in :confused:. Though i wanted to try to start it up anyway so, I poured a little bit of gas into the tank and then it immediately started to go down the fuel line and just pour onto the group out of the carb =/. Does anyone know how i could fix these problems I'm having?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.


  2. You wont be able to pedal the bike with the clutch out. The only way to pedal is pull clutch in, start pedaling and let clutch out to engage engine to start it. I would do a search for the carb and check the float assy...
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    had the same prob with the carb the engine way on too much of and angle and the float would hit the side of the bowl causing it to not go all the way up to stop the fuel there fore fuel on ground out through the breather all i did was loosen both mounts ant angled the engine more towards the front of the bike till the carb bowl was level with the ground, hope this helps
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    yes, like wayde said, if the engine is at too much of and angle the float would hit the side of the bowl causing it to not go all the way up.
    But, if the carb is sitting fairly level here is how you can adjust the needle to seat itself. Also spray carb cleaner up the tiny hole where the needle seats. In case theres a speck of junk up there not letting it seat itself.

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  5. TJ120

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    Ok, I did what you said Graucho and it stopped leaking (thanks :)).

    Then I tried to start it up again and I got it to sputter to life for a moment and die soon after. So I gave it a few more tries, after about 3 or so more tries my back wheel locked up completely and won't move at all (clutch in or out):confused:
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    Pull the clutch cover off and see if the chain has bound up around the clutch sprocket. That would be my first diagnosis, since I've done it my self.
  7. TJ120

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    That's what it was, thanks.
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    :grin: Happy to help. Thanks for letting me know. If you have a camera and can post pics of your build (if you have not already) we'll give it a good looking over, people tend to notice everything. Sounds like you need to take the slack out of the chain.
    This fourm exists because we've all broken or messed something (a lot of things in my case) up.

    Good Luck!